Log Burners & Stoves

Our company offer professional and fully dedicated local stove installations across Devon. Each project is carefully managed from beginning to end – starting from initial on-site surveys and measurements and final installation touches. Our team of experienced local installers provide bespoke installation of different types of stoves.

HETAS Certified

We are a registered and certified Hetas installer of fireplaces, stoves, flue liners, and other wood, gas, solid fuel appliances. Thereby, we can guarantee that the installation in your home meets all the relevant Building Regulations. Being Hetas approved, we only provide the best specialists and engineers who possess the required experience, knowledge and skills to perform all types of installations, repair works, and fitting of different types of appliances.

Wood burning stove installations usually take between one and three days. If you have an existing fireplace and it’s a straightforward install it could take us less than eight hours – we could even be finished before you get home from work.

It’ll take a little longer if we need to do building work as part of the job. This might include laying a new hearth, removing bricks from the fireplace, rendering the insides and plastering your walls, removing existing gas fires, uncapping chimneys or installing twin wall flue systems.

Feel free to call today to see how we can assist you with your proposed installation, and take advantage of the Free Carbon Monoxide Detector installation with every stove.